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Tailor made Quotations

From contentful one pagers that convey all the required information to an in-depth techno-commercial offer providing as many details as required by the client we do it all.

Performance Analysis

Need a Fan, but do not know what will be its capacity or static pressure requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our engineers they will help you find out all the required parameters and design a customized blower well suited just for you.

Engineering Surveys

Our team is well trained and equipped to conduct in depth analysis of the fan to find out the root cause of the problem in the blower. Few of the analysis conducted by us are bearing analysis, stress analysis, shaft critical speed, thermal effects and other factors that can cause problems. Based on this our Engineers will help you get a correct diagnosis along with its solution for your fan.


Our team is well equipped to accurately create drawings of any fan components or the entire fan onsite of any fan manufacturer.


Our Company has the ability to provide services like repair, modify, upgrade or replace any fan manufacturer’s designs and components including Impellers, shafts, blades etc.

Material Identification

We can help you identify materials of critical fan components using PMI.

Customized Engineering Solutions

We can provide customized engineering solutions like special liners, stiffeners, blade designs; metallurgical changes to suite your exact custom requirements or to improve the longevity of existing fan.

On-Site Balancing

During transportation of the equipment or due to prolonged usage of blower, it has to be rebalanced periodically. The removal of impeller in some of the plants means lot of unwanted downtime, so we at AS Engineers provide state of the art equipment’s for on field balancing which reduce the downtime up to 90% thereby increasing the savings by up to 70%

On-Site Alignment

Tired of vibrations in your coupling driven blower sometimes the issue is as simple as alignment, which has to be done with Laser precision. Yes, you heard it right Laser Precision. AS Engineers’ team provides alignment service that will be done with the help of laser alignment tools leaving out all the guesswork from the equation.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We do not believe in one-size fits all, so we will first analyse your site and come up with your specific A.M.C contract that is suited to all your blowers and your needs.

Expedited Shipping

Need an Impeller in a day or need a blower in a day contact us and find out the possibilities of your project, rest assured if we commit, we will deliver.